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"Jay and team did a good job painting my four room hdb flat in yishun st 13.it looks brand new"
-By Edwin Goh

From the Desk of Jay
Professional Singaporean House Painter

Dear friend,

The painting services business can be a dishonest one. The things that I see some cheap painting contractors do to cut costs just to make more money is very sad. When i recently confronted a few contractors on the illegal things they do to make more money they even had the cheek to say that it's just business and its how the world works.

I come from a Military Police background. My job when i was in the army was to discipline any soldier of any rank if he did things which were against the rules. It was a thankless job but someone had to do it and i loved my job. I took pride in myself for never allowing bribes or gifts by higher ups to get in the way of performing my duty.

An injury led me to being unable to continue my career in the army.

After being released from the service, i took over my late Dad's (god bless his soul) business of painting service for homes. My dad was an honest man. Once i asked him why he wasn't making much more than he was as a painter and he told me this.

He took me one side and said, Son, integrity and customer satisfaction must always be more important to us than just making a few hundred dollars extra in cash. I have always followed his advice since I took over the business.

It's only when I recently went to a gathering of painting contractors that I found the truth about most painters who charge cheap prices. In the following paragraphs, I will show you two things to look out for when hiring a painting company in Singapore.

Would You Mind Poison on Your Walls

Do you know that to cut painting costs, many paint brands use paint that contains "lead" which is poisonous. This type of cheap paint brands typically costs 35-40% cheaper than premium brands like Nippon and are imported from China illegally by many paint shops here.

The "lead" itself isn’t a problem in the beginning. But as time goes by and the paint being low quality starts to rot, the paint around your home slowly releases toxic materials into the air. Imagine yourself sleeping in bed breathing in dangerous gases with every breath that you take. Imagine your children playing around walls that contain poisonous paint.

I am married to a beautiful wife and have two lovely children and they are the most important thing in my life. I know that I would never mind paying a few extra dollars if it means the safety and health of my loved ones and I hope you do too. I only use Nippon's safe and secure range of paint for all my painting services


These series of paint is of a premium quality and costs more than cheaper paint brands because it's not only ideal for the suppression of asthma, flu and other germsin the house, it's also anti-fungus, anti-mold and anti-algae.

Furthermore, stains can be easily cleaned off the walls using water. Recommended by interior home magazines world over as the top choice for a safe and healthy home as well as for the quality of the colors. Your paint is also guaranteed for up to two years, which saves you money in the long run.

An Untrained Illegal Immigrant in your Home

Would you allow him into your house? I sure wouldn't but many still do. Many painting contractors hire Malaysians from Johor bahru or construction workers as their salary is 50% cheaper than local painters. Not only are they denying qualified Singaporeans a living but these unethical painting companies are putting their clients at risk.

There have been many reports of these foreigners stealing items from the houses that they go to paint. Would you want to expose you home and family to such a danger just to save a few dollars?

Even the foreign workers who aren’t like that are still not professionally trained and more often than not end up doing a lousy job in your home, complete with messy paint drips and communication issues. I have been called up many times by home owners to fix the mess that these other companies leave behind and it usually ends up costing them more than if they had asked me to do the job from the beginning.

90% of my painters are all locals and the other 10% are foreigners with a work permit who have been with me for years. I pay a levy of $400 each and every month for hiring them as well as train them in the latest painting techniques every few months. I don't consider them extra costs but a necessary fee to ensure the best service for all my clients.

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I have already given you information on what to look out for when hiring a painting contractor and how i operate differently from many of them out there. I would now like to extend to you a special offer for you to try out my painting services.

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